High School!!

Over the past 2 years of high school I have done a bunch of interesting things. Since writing will take to long and everyone loves looking at pictures…here are a few of my high school experiance so far.

I tried out speed-skating which I enjoyed and I might consider returning to and it gave me the thrill of being on the ice again, but it in no means compares to figure skating.

I met some amazing people who have inspiried me alot. I am lucky enough to call these girls my friends ❤

This year swimming I placed seccond and first individually! As well as second and second with my relay team! And what I find comforting is that they did not put me in a group of lower level swimmers. They put me with everyone else and I was able to accomplish these standings!

Semi- Formal 2010
Absolutly amazing ! Thanks to the great people I went with.


It’s Not the End…It’s A New Beginning!

The year of 2009 was my last year of skating. Reason being, I was about to go into high school and I was worried my grades would suffer because I would have no time for studying inbetween skating and homework as well as family activities. And to be completly honest, the prices for my skating was absolutly crazy. The blade and boot of a skate had to be bought seperatly, I had between 2-3 coaches which means 2-3 lessons each time i went. We also had to pay for the ice and dresses and accessories.

The one thing people asume when hearing about this is that the think I gave up, because it was just to hard, or I needed an excuse to quit. But that is completly WRONG! I never wanted to stop skatng, if I could I would go back, in the blink of an eye; it’s not something I would have to think over. But now I am picking grade 11 courses and if my grades arn’t all 80’s and 90’s my schooling after high school might be at risk.

Stopping skating was absolutly without a doubt one of the hardest things ever. Walking out of the rink knowing I wont be going back, saying goodbye to great coaches and fantastic friends. It wasn’t something I enjoyed doing 😦 but thanks to the amazing social network site known as facebook I still keep in touch with a bunch of people I skated with, individualy and through syncrho.

Since this blog hasn’t been updated in quite sone time I will summarize my last achivements in skating. Before I stopped figure skating I had reached a level I had always dreamed of getting to and higher. I consistantly and cleanly landed my axel, I had reached the “shoot the duck” position in my sit spin, and I was improving on my camel spin. I was also practicing my double Salchow (I was so close).
In dance I was on my senior silver dances which means I had completed the mjority of them. The last compitition I did I placed first, which I guess you could call “going out with a bang” but I just call it a job well done !

Lots of News !

Hey Everyone !

Since this was created my mum had been the one responsable for its updates. But since I am much older and she is very busy; I Cassandra, the one this blog is all about will be updating it from now on !

Well, alot has happened since this was last updated. To quickly sum it up, I am 15 and am in grade 10. Since I started high school I have met some amazing people, some great friends and inspiring teachers.

I joined my high school swim team for the second year in a row now and absolutly love it. It is a great workout.

And, onto the biggest news……

My skating has come to an end, but not because I gave up; “can’t” isn’t in my vocabulary but as I got older, with school it was becoming unrealistic.

The Years Have Come and Gone…

Alot has happened since this was last updated so here are a few pictures to catch you up on whats going on…

My mom and dad took me on a cruise ! The cruise-line we went with was Royal Caribbian, they are amazing !

My aunt got married in the Bahamas so we went on a Disney Cruise for that, it was alot of fun to travel with the whole family!

I graduated elementary school!

We also got a new addition to our family! Well, 3 years ago anyway 😛 My littlest sister Gloria will be turning 4 this coming June.

January – The month of GOLD!!!

What an AMAZING skating month this has been !! I really enjoyed being part of the Iced Energy Synchro teams (despite the 4:30am wake up time for practices). We have travelled to London, Dresden, Mississauga and North Bay and the team spirit and hotel stays are so much fun! The highlight of my Synchro experience HAS to be winning at Central Regionals !!! Everyone had a phenomenal skate and we enjoyed every minute out there, the medal was the icing on the cake!

I also won my very 1st GOLD medal individually at the FROLICS competition hosted by me home club! And a BRONZE in my first attempt at competing as part of a team doing elements!

Loving Synchronized Skating….

My mom didn’t think it was possible, but I loves skating even more since I discovered Synchronized Skating! This past weekend we made the trip to London, Ontario to compete in my 1st synchro competition of the season and of my life! She loved staying at the hotel, hanging out with her friends and of course, the competition! They placed 6th, but none of the kids seemed to care, they had a blast and couldn’t wait to do it again!

Bronze at 1st competition of the season!

 Today Cassandra competed for the 1st time this season to a new solo, “Fame”. She has only been working on it for a few weeks and was so happy and a little suprised that she placed in the medal standings – her 1st bronze medal! She was so excited and she skated better than I have ever seen her before, she was moved up a level at competition too so bronze is AMAZING! Yay Cassandra!